• Divest Broward County From Fossil Fuels
    We can no longer be complicit in big oil's reckless pursuit of profit. Tar sands and oil spills are destroying our environment, polluting our ground water and endangering our lives. The BP oil spill and the pipeline incident that dumped 1,000 barrels of oil into Yellowstone River are just two recent examples of big oil's disregard for safety and the environment. We must free ourselves from the downward spiral of big oil.
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    Created by Lauren Bernier
  • Fossil Free Newton
    Newton was the first community in the Commonwealth to adopt the Stretch Code for building efficiency, and now it is time for Newton to lead again by divesting the city from companies producing fossil fuels. Divesting puts a stop to the status quo - promoting new fossil fuel exploration. Doing nothing equals promotion of fossil fuel infrastructure, like the Keystone XL pipeline, and the new pipelines delivering Fracking gas to Massachusetts. Divesting will not lead to a collapse of our fossil-fueled society, because we still pay at the pump, in our grocery stores, and for our home utilities, providing plenty of profits for fossil fuel companies while we move our investments toward truly clean, non-fossil energy.
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    Created by Nathan Phillips
  • Divest the City of Los Angeles from Fossil Fuels!
    Today, March 22, 2013, Mayor Villagrossa is announcing that the City of Los Angeles will not receive any of its electrical power from coal by the year 2025. That is good news, but it alone is not a significant enough step to avoid the worsening climate catastrophe. From the acidization of the seas, to the recent droughts in the midwest, to super storms such as Sandy, to the streak of 336th consecutive months that global temperatures have risen above 20th century averages, our civilization is in peril and we must act, now! There is a movement, spearheaded by gofossilfree.org, on over 300 college and university campuses across the nation calling for fossil fuel divestment. Four schools have already commited to divest and more are sure to soon follow suit. Yet students cannot be the only ones leading the fight for a just and sustainable future, our local governments must join the phalanx confronting our would be destroyers, the fossil fuel corporations such as Exxon-Mobil, British Petrolium, and Shell. Our governments must recognize them as the most abhorrent villans in the ongoing tragedy of the commons. The City of Los Angeles must not profit from the devastation of its citizens, currently enduring ailments from cancer and asthma. The City of Los Angeles must divest its holdings from the 200 companies listed in the Carbon Tracker report "Unburnable Carbon." Divestment in Los Angeles is not without precedent. The boards of our public pension plans have addressed divestment from South African securities, tobacco stock, and the securities of firms conducting business in Sudan and Iran. The boards adopted a Sudan policy in March of 2007, a policy addressing social, political and human rights issues in May of 2007, and and Iran policy in April 2010. They are currently considering a divestment from firearms related securities. The suffering to human health and well-being caused by fossil fuel companies is in no way less noxious than the crimes of the entities from which Los Angeles has previously divested. Additionally, the divestment from fossil fuel stock is in accord with stated fiduciary duties and applies a "costlessness" standard. The bottom line is this: divestment is the only moral choice for governments that care about their citizens. Solving the climate crisis is the only practical choice for governments that care about their solvency. It's time to divest from fossil fuels now!
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    Created by Peter Nichols
  • Divest Ithaca, NY from Fossilized Fuels
    UPDATE: For Immediate Release April 22, 2013 CITY OF ITHACA JOINS NATIONAL DIVESTMENT MOVEMENT, BECOMES FIRST EAST COAST CITY TO DIVEST Mayor Myrick joins forces with a coalition of high school and college students on Earth Day Ithaca, NY -Earth Day - Mayor Svante L. Myrick of the City of Ithaca, NY has agreed to make Ithaca the second city in world to divest its financial holdings in fossil fuels. The action follows the requests issued by the Youth Power Summit 2013, a coalition of Tompkins County high school and college students--ages 16 to 23--for the City to take action for climate justice. Fossil fuel divestment campaigns are taking place at over 250 college campuses in the U.S. and the City of Seattle has already agreed to divest. The City of Ithaca’s campaign is the first in the country led by high school and college students, and Ithaca is the first city on the east coast to make the commitment. On Friday, April 19, 2013, Mayor Myrick met with students to discuss divestment, and agreed to issue a statement from the City on Earth Day, April 22, 2013. Today, Mayor Myrick remarked, “The City of Ithaca does not invest in fossil fuels and I can certainly commit, as long as I am Mayor, to not investing City funds in fossil fuels.” Mayor Myrick has also agreed to write a letter urging the New York State Comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli, who manages the New York State employee pensions, including the City of Ithaca’s, to divest the NYS Pension Fund from fossil fuels and re-invest in socially responsible alternatives. Gabriel Shapiro, a Junior at Lehman Alternative High School, responded to the City’s statement. “We’re proud that our Mayor is not only willing to listen to young people’s demands, but to actively support our work. Our generation will disproportionately experience the impacts of climate change--as systematically marginalized communities already are--and we’re excited that Mayor Myrick is willing to give us a seat at the table around decisions that affect us.” "I believe that young people have the creativity, energy, and moral authority that is needed in many of our public debates. A perfect example is the work this group has done. The commitment these young people have shown to safeguarding our environment should serve as an inspiration to us all" said Mayor Svante Myrick. ...Over 100 students from Tompkins County high schools and colleges joined the Youth Power Summit 2013 at Ithaca College on April 20-21, 2013 to develop local strategies for youth climate justice leadership. Summit Organizer Jane Whiting, Senior at New Roots Charter School, explained, “We took two days to deeply explore the social roots and social impacts of climate change, and to collaborate with our community to re-center our environmental work around social justice.
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  • Divest Vancouver from Fossil Fuels
    The global climate crisis is harming individuals, families and communities around the world -- and that includes Vancouver. The crisis was created by, and is perpetuated by, the extraction of carbon deposits and their use as fossil fuels. The fossil fuel industry is literally destroying our planet. And it is wrong for civic institutions to profit from this destruction. Vancouver has long been a leader in municipal climate action, but the Greenest City needs to include our investments too.
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    Created by Kiki Wood
  • Divest Forest Grove from Fossil Fuels
    With the potential effects of climate change on our agriculture and viticulture surroundings, we at Forest Grove understand that climate change is not only a global problem, but a local one as well. The Oregon pinot noir that places our town on a map will not be able to grow under warmer conditions. A warmer climate will effect hydro power, our primary source of electricity. Summers will become hotter and drier; winters will be wetter and cooler. The City has already taken great steps in committing to sustainability and mitigating climate change. At the Annual Town Meeting, citizens commented on how they would like to see more City leadership on the issue. Divesting in fossil fuels will show that the City is in fact serious about this issue and take leadership for the community to follow. We are a community of families, students, grandparents, farmers, businessmen and women, but most of all, we are a community of people who cherish our natural surroundings, who cherish the livelihoods of people, and who understand that climate change is not just an environmental issue, but a social and economic justice issue as well. It is time to send a message to the fossil fuel companies that we will not tolerate greenhouse gas emissions any longer. We will not accept their profits. Divestment will send that message out to the global community that we are committed to the mitigation of climate change.
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    Created by Kiersten Iwai
  • Divest Ann Arbor from Fossil Fuels
    Divestment from fossil fuel companies is a signal that the people of Ann Arbor are ready to take a stand for the good of the planet. More than 15 other cities have divested, including Madison, WI; Berkeley, CA; and State College, PA. A list of commitments from colleges/universities, cities, counties and other institutions is available here: http://gofossilfree.org/commitments/ Having passed a relatively robust Climate Action Plan in December 2012, Ann Arbor is preparing to take serious steps to attack climate -- that's why we should make sure we're not also profiting from climate pollution in unintended ways. This is particularly true for cities and states, who shouldn’t be investing their pension funds in companies that are wrecking the planet which employees are going to retire on. Specifically, we’re asking for divestment from the 200 companies that hold the vast majority of the world’s coal, oil, and gas reserves. Scientists tell us that 80% of those reserves need to stay in the ground, but these companies continue to recklessly burn through them with no plan to stop. Divesting from fossil fuels also presents cities, states, and pension funds with an opportunity to reinvest the money in a way that not only creates a profit, but also benefits our communities and the climate. A city could reinvest the money in energy retrofits, solar companies, green jobs programs, and more. We need to declare our freedom from fossil fuels. Divestment is the first step.
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    Created by Monica Patel
  • Divest Ambler, PA from Fossil Fuels
    Climate Change is causing extreme weather that has resulted in natural disasters. Areas of Ambler have been struck by catastrophic flooding. The use of fossil fuels is contributing to our problems. We must take this initiative, a positive step that leads the way towards a sustainable existence.
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    Created by Tom Alba
  • Divest Wellesley
    Fossil fuel companies have demonstrated their commitment to exploring, drilling, mining, and fracking far more carbon than our planet can ever recover from. These fossil fuel companies are the most powerful the world has ever seen. They can buy political influence, favorable laws, and propaganda. But they can't buy their reputation. By divesting Wellesley from the dirty energy of the past we are sending a message that company business plans cannot include the destruction of our planet, country, State, and Town.
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    Created by Quentin Prideaux
    Global Climate Change and the extreme weather is to a great extent the result of the burning of fossil fuels. It is time to switch to renewable clean energy sources that do not release carbon into the atmosphere. New Paltz is prone to flooding and we must work together to prevent more damage like what Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee did to our region by divesting town holdings in fossil fuel companies. http://www.townofnewpaltz.org/ http://www.villageofnewpaltz.org/
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    Created by Misha Fredericks
  • Divest Santa Fe from Fossil Fuels
    Santa Fe's policy-making has been holding a torch to social and environmental justice while beautifying our city and improving our lives. Divesting from all fossil fuels is one important step in our transition to renewable energy. Please take the long view for our kids.
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    Created by Marita Prandoni
  • Washington DC: Divest from fossil fuel investments
    There's a new movement of individuals, colleges, religious institutions, companies, and cities divesting from -- taking their money out of -- fossil fuel stocks, bonds and other investments. Investing in oil and coal companies was once a safe bet -- and an accepted part of most American's investment portfolios and retirement funds. But with the immense threat of climate change and a range of new, cost-competitive energy options available, investing in oil, natural gas, and coal is not only financially risky -- it's unethical. Washington, DC is a national leader in a larger sustainable city movement. In 2011, under the leadership of Mayor Vincent Gray, city agencies organized the Sustainable DC initiative, crowdsourcing a plan to make DC "the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the United States." And in March 2013, the DC government -- already a leading national consumer of green energy -- signed a contract to use wind power for 100 percent of its electricity needs. In short, it's safe to say DC gets it. They just need support and guidance to take this next step. The time for a renewable energy transformation is now. Climate scientists say that carbon emissions need to level off by 2016 and decline thereafter to avoid the most catastrophic effects of climate change (not even bad the ones, which most experts expect). Washington DC, a green city leader, "capital of the free world," and a likely victim sea-level rise, has every reason to lead the country and the world by withdrawing its investments from the companies that are heating the Earth, causing increasing extreme weather and flooding. The fossil fuel lobbyists have made it clear they're not leaving willingly. If the federal government won't turn off the tap of fossil fuel subsidies that fuel more and more extreme weather, cities can and need to take their investments out of fossil fuels -- perhaps giving the White House and Congress the courage they need to do the right thing for Americans, present and future. I love this city. Let's give the Mayor and City Council the support they need to divest DC's investments from fossil fuels.
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