• Birmingham City Council, Divest From Fossil Fuels
    Our local authority has a duty to look out for the public good. Fossil fuels are in direct conflict with the public good: investing in them poses a risk both to investors and to the planet. Birmingham City Council should take a moral, political and economic stand against them by taking our money away from fossil fuel companies and putting it into investments that are less at risk from climate change legislation and more compatible with our values. Divestment from fossil fuels would make a powerful statement that the fossil fuel industry is morally and economically unviable, and that the people of Birmingham wish to support an alternative, sustainable energy future that will leave the planet in a shape that allows us, our children and grandchildren to live safely on it. Financial research has called into question the valuations of fossil fuel companies due to their reliance on reserves which may become unburnable if carbon legislation comes into effect.
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    Created by Birmingham Climate Justice
  • Divest Macon from Fossil Fuels
    We would like a transparent review of city investments to ensure a conscientious use of tax payer funds. Divesting city and county funds away from fossil fuels sends a message of unity, hope, and a pledge of responsible government in the present to ensure a healthy future for all of the children of central Georgia and the world.
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  • Divest Oregon From Fossil Fuels!
    Here are 10 Reasons why Oregon needs to Divest from Fossil Fuels: 1. If it’s wrong to wreck the planet, than it’s also wrong to profit from that wreckage. 2. We shouldn't be investing in companies that are spending millions of dollars lobbying against clean energy solutions and millions more funding climate denial and anti-science think tanks. 3. The fossil fuel industry’s business plan is to burn five times more carbon dioxide than scientists say we can safely emit and still keep global warming below the 2°C tipping point. 4. Companies like Chevron, Exxon, and Peabody Coal are polluting our land, air, and water, putting our communities and children at risk. 5. Big Oil likes to say that it’s greening its operations, but that’s just PR: no major oil company is investing a significant part of its profits into renewable energy research. 6. Divestment can have a major political impact by taking away the social license of the fossil fuel industry, turning Big Oil into Big Tobacco, an industry that no politician wants to be seen with. 7. Divestment campaigns have made a big impact before, including in the fight against apartheid in South Africa. 8. Divestment doesn't pose a serious financial risk to a portfolio and opens the door for more sustainable investments that not only get a good return but also help our communities and the planet. 9. Investing in the fossil fuel industry is increasingly risky: financial analysts are now warning us about a “carbon bubble” that could result when government’s decide to regulate greenhouse gas emission and fossil fuel companies are forced to leave their coal, oil and gas reserves underground, tanking their share price. 10. There’s a growing fossil fuel divestment movement that can amplify all of our individual actions: over 300 campuses and 100 cities and states have joined the campaign — and we’re just getting warmed up.
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  • Divest the Ferndale, WA School District Of Fossil Fuels
    If we don't bring the carbon PP down to 350 our planet will become an awful place for most people. As students, we would like our places of education to be building the kind of future that we would like to live in. If you want us to become innovators and inventors, why don't we start with a learning environment that makes this possible?
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    Created by Gwynneth Carter
  • Divest Taos From Fossil Fuel
    The people of Taos are being effected by climate change now in the form of severe droughts, extreme forest fires, invasive species, death of trees and plants and loss of top soil to increased wind, ect.
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  • City of Santa Barbara: Support Fossil Fuel Divestment!
    Whereas, the most conservative scientific consensus says that a 2 degree Celsius rise in global temperatures must be prevented , which means we cannot burn more than 565 gigatons within the next 50 years [1a] [2], Whereas, the fossil fuel industry has 2,795 gigatons in its reserves in the form of oil, coal and natural gas [2], Whereas, if these companies were to carry out their plans in the name of their shareholders, this would cause catastrophic and extremely dangerous climate change [2a], Whereas, instead of attempting to reduce emissions, fossil fuel companies are investing in exploration and enhanced extraction techniques that are increasing reserves and accelerating emissions, and that this constitutes a “carbon bubble.” [2] Whereas, non-conventional extraction techniques could also result in dangerous local pollution impacts such as fugitive methane emissions [3], water contamination [3a] and increased seismic activity and earthquakes according to both the U.S. Army and U.S. Geological Survey [3b], Whereas, the Koch Brothers have spent over $67 million since 1997 to fund climate denial front groups and ExxonMobil has hired the same tobacco industry public relations personnel who created misinformation about the health effects of cigarette smoking to spread doubt and confusion about climate change [4][5], Whereas, the Natural Gas Industry has been using military psychological warfare tactics and personnel on U.S. communities since at least 2009 in order to confuse and misinform local communities about the dangers of natural gas extraction techniques [6], Whereas, Santa Barbara is the birthplace of the environmental movement in the United States [7], Whereas, the City Charter explicitly states that no company may explore and extract hydrocarbon fuel sources within city limits, Whereas, there are hundreds of fossil fuel divestment initiatives gaining momentum across universities, cities, churches and other institutions across the United States [8], Whereas, the student Senates of both UCSB and SBCC voted in a clear majority for fossil fuel divestment this year, Whereas, the following letter signed by 49 UCSB faculty was delivered to the mayor of Santa Barbara on May 14, 2013 [9], Whereas, on May 30 2013, the University of California Santa Barbara Faculty Legislature voted in favor of the divestment resolution, We, the signees of this petition, believe that if it is wrong to wreck the climate, it is wrong to profit from that wreckage. We have a moral responsibility to find out where our monies are tied into these companies, and to remove that money as quickly as possible. [1] For the full list of companies the California State Treasury invests in see http://www.treasurer.ca.gov/pmia-laif/investments/bonds.pdf [1a] http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/2009/cop15/eng/11a01.pdf page 5 [2] http://www.carbontracker.org/wp-content/uploads/downloads/2012/08/Unburnable-Carbon-Full1.pdf page 4 page 4 [2a] http://rsta.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/369/1934/20.full.pdf+html [3] http://www.sustainablefuture.cornell.edu/news/attachments/Howarth-EtAl-2011.pdf [3a] http://www.propublica.org/article/scientific-study-links-flammable-drinking-water-to-fracking [3b] http://www.nasdaq.com/article/us-government-confirms-link-between-earthquakes-and-hydraulic-fracturing-cm101994 [4] http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/en/campaigns/global-warming-and-energy/polluterwatch/koch-industries/ [5] http://www.ucsusa.org/news/press_release/ExxonMobil-GlobalWarming-tobacco.html [6] http://www.desmogblog.com/gas-fracking-industry-using-military-psychological-warfare-tactics-and-personnel-u-s-communities [7] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1969_Santa_Barbara_oil_spill [8] www.gofossilfree.org [9] http://www.noozhawk.com/article/060513_letter_to_editor_ucsb_support_fossil_fuel_divestment
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    Created by Max Golding
  • Divest Canberra from Fossil Fuels
    The ACT has Australia's most ambitious targets for emissions cuts and growing the renewable energy of the future. So why on this threatened earth does it invest in the coal, gas and oil that undermines all its good work? It's a moral shame and a big financial risk. Canberrans expect more!
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  • Divest OPERS from Fossil Fuels!
    Our Retirement Fund management has a responsibility to divest from an industry that’s destroying our future, and reinvest in solutions to climate change. Scientists have set 350ppm as the safe upper limit of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We are already past this critical limit at 400ppm. We can not count on the federal government, even as extreme weather events like the massive deadly tornadoes that struck Oklahoma this spring overwhelm local budgets. We have the solutions, but we won’t see any political progress on the issue until we can weaken the power of the fossil fuel industry. The bottom line is this: divestment is the only moral choice for trustees who care about their fellow citizens. Solving the climate crisis is the only practical choice for trustees who care about their solvency. It's time to divest from fossil fuels now!
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    Created by Holly Borghese
  • Kingston: join or support the movement to divest from fossil fuels
    The global scientific community has reached a consensus that humans are in the driver's seat of the climate changes observed in the last century (1), due to carbon emissions from the use of fossil fuels. Governments and leaders across the world have agreed that we must limit human-caused global heating to 2 degrees centigrade to avoid creating a cascading heating effect throughout the coming century that most species (including ours) will not be able to adapt to (2). Scientists project that an additional 565 gigatons of carbon emissions will push us past this limit, but fossil fuel companies are sitting on 2795 gigatons of fossil fuel reserves they want to exploit (3). This includes Canadian and foreign companies in the tar sands in Alberta including the pipeline company Enbridge, who want to pump raw tar sands bitumen through their line 9B pipeline, which runs through Ontario north of Kingston. Following the lead of science-based environmental organizations like 350.org (4), we as citizens of Kingston, including all community members such as students, professors, workers of all kinds, call on the City of Kingston, Queen's University, the Royal Military College and other institutions and organizations to pass resolutions and take action to divest from fossil fuel investments in their various investment portfolios and pensions funds. Specifically, we are requesting that no new investments in the world's 200 leading fossil fuel corporations be made (5), and that existing investments in these companies be phased out over the next five years. Because these fossil fuel companies have done everything they can to block and frustrate attempts to confront climate change, the time has come to reveal them as dangerous radicals whose business plan threatens our ecosystems, other species, and our very civilization. The inspiration for this type of action comes from the success of divestment strategies used against companies that invested in apartheid South Africa. The moral urgency in this case is equally pressing, and indeed the climate crisis comprises the greatest moral and political issue of our time. Our current federal government is an active sales team for these fossil fuel companies, and the tar sands in particular. It is up to actors and institutions at the local level to 'tar' these companies' reputations and in so doing be the catalyst for meaningful action to combat climate change. By working toward divesting from the world's leading 200 fossil fuel companies, the City of Kingston and Kingston's universities and other institutions can set an example for other Canadian cities and institutions, in keeping with our goal of being Canada's 'most sustainable city'. Sources: (1) ‘Survey finds 97% of climate science papers agree warming is man-made’ (The Guardian) http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2013/may/16/climate-change-scienceofclimatechange (2) UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Copenhagen Accord: http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/2009/cop15/eng/l07.pdf (3) http://math.350.org/ (4) http://350.org (supported by retired NASA and Columbia University climatologist James Hansen) (5) ‘Top 200 fossil fuel companies.’ http://gofossilfree.org/companies/
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    Created by Adam Davidson-Harden
  • Divest Hornsby Shire from Fossil Fuel Investment
    If we continue to mine fossil fuels we are on a sure path to catastrophic climate change. this will be disastrous for the planet. If we can reduce the level of investment in fossil fuels then we reduce the power these industries have over our governments which will lead to effective regulations in carbon emissions. In addition, these industries will be forced to look elsewhere, such as to renewable energy sources, to make their profits. Divestment of fossil fuel stocks can lead to investment in renewables which will become more profitable as result.
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    Created by Kirsten Cowley
  • Divest the City of Alexandria from fossil fuels
    Divestment from the fossil fuel industry is the only moral choice for our City, which titles itself an EcoCity. It is a practical and concrete step to addressing the climate crisis.
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    Created by Peter Freeman
  • Divest Loudoun County From Fossil Fuels
    The fossil fuel industry spends investments on research to extract more fossil fuels, when they really need to stay in the ground if we are going to avoid catastrophic climate change. In addition, they spend lots of that money on influencing politicians to support their subsidies and priorities. It's time to stop giving them our tax dollars to support their dirty work. Finally, it is an important risk management strategy to get our county's investments out of the carbon bubble.
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    Created by Andrea McGimsey