• Divest Sydney Anglican Diocese from fossil fuels
    This is important because profiting from activities that harm our neighbours (especially those who have contributed least to the problem: the global poor, future generations and other species) is a breach of the Lord's command, dishonours the Creator and compromises our witness and mission.
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  • Divest United Methodist Church from Fossil Fuels
    Investing in fossil fuels in this era, with what we know today is happening to our climate as the result of burning fossil fuels, makes us complicit in "destroying the global ecological balance that provides the life-support systems for the planet."*. If wrecking the climate is wrong, then profitting from that wreckage is unconscionable and certainly not consistent with Methodist or Christian values. *(Quote from Resolution # 1023, "Environmental Justice for a Sustainable Future" from the Book of Resolutions of the United Methodist Church).
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    Created by Rick Kehret
  • Seek to Divest Luther Seminary from Fossil Fuel Companies
    As Luther Seminary has been facing a financial crisis these last months, our world has been entrenched in a global climate crisis. Half of the Arctic ice cap has melted, oceans have grown in acidity by 30 percent, and the frequency and severity of super-storms and droughts has risen. All of these mounting trends—and many more—seriously compromise the interdependent ecological systems that sustain life and civilization as we know it. These effects of climate change have already hurt vulnerable populations—and the poor will continue to suffer first and most. As a robust consensus of scientists has concluded, global climate change is caused by a wide range of human activities, with the burning of fossil fuels being by far the greatest contributing source. These two crises—Luther’s and the world’s—may seem to have nothing to do with one another. However, our own crisis gives us a unique opportunity to reevaluate our financial priorities and figure out how to invest our money in ways that serve the neighbor and reflect our calling as stewards of the earth. Earlier this year in The Christian Century, Bill McKibben issued a call to churches (and universities and other institutions) to divest from fossil fuel companies. Given the wealth and lobbying power of fossil fuel companies, it is very hard to make the systemic changes needed to move towards a more sustainable energy economy based on improving energy efficiency, decreasing fossil fuel consumption, and investing in renewable sources like sun and wind. However, these systemic political changes are needed if we are to stay below the 2-degree Celsius warming limit that world nations have agreed to. Right now, fossil fuel industries have five times as much fossil fuel in reserve as we can possibly burn to remain at or safely below this limit. McKibben, a climate activist, writer, and college professor, is also a Methodist Sunday school teacher and has written a book on the theology of Job. He and others have turned to people of faith to act as responsible stewards and leaders in the face of this crisis. The Massachusetts UCC conference has already passed a resolution calling for denomination-wide divestment. They write: “We can’t continue to profit from wrecking God’s creation—not through our pensions, not through our endowments, not by our personal investments. As Jesus said: ‘Where your treasure is, there is your heart also.’” As a seminary community rooted in the Lutheran tradition, we can also turn to Martin Luther’s writings about creation to inform our action. In his Large Catechism, Luther writes movingly of the first article of the creed—I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth: “Here much could be said if we were to describe how few people believe this article. We all pass over it; we hear it and recite it, but we neither see nor think about what the words command us to do. For if we believed it with our whole heart, we would also act accordingly, and not swagger about and boast and brag as if we had life, riches, power, honor, and such things of ourselves, as if we ourselves were to be feared and served. This is the way the wretched, perverse world acts, drowned in its blindness, misusing all the blessings and gifts of God solely for its own pride, greed, pleasure, and enjoyment, and never once turning to God to thank him or acknowledge him as Lord or Creator.” We hope that this petition is considered with prayers for creation and for Luther Seminary. Students from Voca: Gospel and Justice, a Luther student group that is sponsoring this petition, hopes to walk with the board and the seminary as this process continues. References: Bill McKibben, “Playing Offense,” The Christian Century, January 9, 2013, 26-29. Also accessible online: http://www.christiancentury.org/article/2012-12/playing-offense. You can read a copy of the UCC divestment resolution here: http://macucc.org/pages/detail/2563 Robert Kolb and Timothy J. Wengert, eds. The Book of Concord: The Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2000).
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  • Divest the Unitarian Universalist Association's Common Endowment Fund
    The Unitarian Universalist Association is a leader in climate justice. This year, the final divestment report will be given at the General Assembly online this June 24-28. This was the resolution: Delegates at the 2014 General Assembly (GA) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) meeting in Providence, RI, today passed a resolution calling for divestment from fossil fuel companies in the UUA Common Endowment Fund (UUCEF). The resolution requires the UUA to: Cease purchasing securities of CT200 companies as UUCEF investments immediately. Continue to divest its UUCEF holdings of directly held securities of CT200 companies, reaching full divestment of these companies within five years. Work with its current and prospective pooled-asset managers for the purpose of creating more fossil fuel-free investment opportunities, with the objective of full divestment of UUCEF indirect holdings in CT200 companies within five years. Invest an appropriate share of UUCEF holdings in securities that will support a swift transition to a clean energy economy, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency-related securities. Report, via the UUA President and the Treasurer, to each General Assembly from 2015 through 2019 on our Association’s progress on the above resolutions.
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  • Saint Joseph Health Fossil Fuel Divestment
    Fossil fuels threaten the future of our planet and pollute the air, causing hundreds of thousands of cases of childhood asthma and killing tens of thousands of Americans each year. The industry spends billions to prevent adoption of policies for clean energy and clean air. Hospitals and health systems should draw the line and refuse to profit from or lend their financial support for these destructive practices. Divestment by healing institutions helps develop the social consensus that this must stop and weaken the political power of Big Oil.
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    Created by Wendy Ring
  • Divest Presbyterian Church from Fossil Fuels!
    Our church has a responsibility to divest from an industry that is destroying creation. The 183rd General Assembly of PC(USA) resolved that church investment is “an instrument of mission and includes social, theological and economic considerations.” Genesis 2 reminds us of our responsibility to “till and keep” the earth. God has a covenant with not only humanity but with every living creature. In Matthew, Jesus calls us to care for the “least of these”. Climate change has a disproportionate impact on those living in poverty and in the least developed countries. Therefore, we call the Presbyterian church to take a moral and prophetic stand for creation. Please join our campaign and support our Overture to the 221st General Assembly of the PC(USA) in June, 2014 to divest from fossil fuels.
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  • Divest the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton from Fossil Fuels
    Unless most of the known fossil fuel reserves are left in the ground, humanity faces certain catastrophe due to climate change. And yet, the business plan of fossil fuel companies is to extract all those reserves and even look for more. As such, their behavior is deeply immoral. Our congregation cares deeply about the future of our children and life on earth. It is important that our Endowment Fund investments reflect our values.
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    Created by Wes Ernsberger
  • Divest Pilgrim Lutheran From Fossil Fuels
    We are a Caring for Creation congregation. Aligning our investments with our values is important to us.
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    Created by Drew Johnson
  • Divest First Religious Society Unitarian from Fossil Fuels!
    The investments should fit with the church's mission and vision, while providing income to support the programs of the church.
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  • SUPPORT OUR OPPOSITION OF Nickel Sulfide Mining in Minnesota
    The first of new mining proposals PolyMet Mining will destroy 1,000's of acres of wetlands
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  • Divest the Episcopal Diocese of California from Fossil Fuels
    We need to take a moral stand on this, the most important justice issue facing our world today. We are not alone...young people at our colleges and universities are passionate about this because they want a clean and safe world for their future, and we should be concerned too. Climate issues impact all people and all that God has created. Our faith is based on our responsibility to care for the world that God has created, but the way we are doing things now is endangering the integrity of creation. Divesting from fossil fuel is one way we can demonstrate our willingness to change from the destructive path we are on and seek to live out our faith by protecting all people and all of creation.
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    Created by Susan Champion
  • Divest Brookfield Unitarian from Fossil Fuels!
    Our green/social action committee (CESA) believes even our small church can help save the planet.
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    Created by Daphne T Stevens