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To: President Raynard S. Kington, the Investment Office, & Board of Trustees

Grinnell College: Divest from Climate Injustice!

Grinnell College: Divest from Climate Injustice!

UPDATE (4/19/2016): Please sign our current petition:

To get in touch with organizers and the day-to-day of our campaign, check us out on social media ( or @DivestGrinnell on Twitter) and shoot us a message!

We are no longer using this petition as this is quite old and a totally new fossil fuel divestment campaign has since been in progress for around a year now. Please sign our current petition, linked above- thanks!

Why is this important?

Grinnell College claims to be “dedicated to environmental sustainability”
yet $126 million of the college’s $1.8 billion endowment is invested in the
fossil fuel industry that profits from the destruction of our communities
and the instability of our climate.

We call upon Grinnell College to cooperate with members of Divest Grinnell
to divest from fossil fuels, freeze future fossil fuel industry investments,
and to reinvest in more socially responsible funds.

Grinnell College

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