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To: Prescott College friends:

Prescott College: Going Fossil Free!

Prescott College: Going Fossil Free!

Prescott College is a world leader in sustainability. We walk our talk. In February of 2104, Prescott College voted to divest from fossil-fuel companies within three years.
The resolution establishes an investment filter to remove the largest 200 fossil fuel corporations listed by the Carbon Tracker Initiative, over the next 3 years, as a means to apply core values with a goal of reducing risk while increasing financial and social return on investment. The college also included a clause to engage in advocacy encouraging current investment managers to develop fossil free investment fund products that would also serve their other clients.

Why is this important?

The Divestment Initiative at Prescott College was first developed by recent graduate Kara Kukovich, who prepared a report on the ethical, financial and environmental reasons for fossil fuel divestment at Prescott College. The action gained widespread support from students, faculty, staff and Executives at the college, and was approved by all major internal governance committees within a few short months. All we need to do now is continue with the plan...

Prescott College

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Reasons for signing

  • This movement speaks to our integrity as an institution and has the potential to have a strong and real impact.
  • This is IMPORTANT and that is why I signed.
  • I am working with PC administration now to investigate our investments - the first step to divestment. Please contact me if you are interested in helping me with this project.


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Prescott College divested from fossil fuels in 2014

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