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To: Concordia College Board of Regents

Cobbers For Divestment

Divest Concordia's endowment from Mercers' portfolio which contains large fossil fuel companies. We urge you to reinvest the endowment into a new portfolio that better aligns with the mission statement and values of the college.

Why is this important?

We are taught at Concordia to become responsibly engaged in the world (BREW), but while we are being taught these principles, the college is ignoring the very values they are trying to teach us. Concordia is going against their own values of sustainability and responsible engagement in the world. Concordia invests more then 121 million dollars of their endowment into a portfolio that invests in oil companies and fossil fuel companies, these companies values do not in any way shape or form align with concordia's values. Instead we urge the college to divest from these companies and reinvest into portfolios and companies who's views and values better align with the values that the college tries to instill in its students and project onto the public.

Concordia College, 8th Street South, Moorhead, MN, United States

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