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To: private investors, governement INDIA and Germany, crowdfunding,

DeVest german-indian Solar Power Plants plus eco-landmanagement

DeVest german-indian Solar Power Plants plus eco-landmanagement

Der deutsche UNKlima-Allianz​- Leiter Steiner nennt es "Das wichtigste Vertragswerk in der Geschichte der Menschheit"- Der indische PM Narendra Modi​ ist sehr zufrieden, auch Schwellen- und Entwicklungsländer wie Argentinien und Brasilien loben das KLIMAGIPFEL-Rahmenabkommen der #COP21 .- Hier unser imput mit 125 Mio €:

Why is this important?

INDIA faces big climate problems. WHole South India with cities like Chennaisuffer under flood devastation. We implemented a proposal direct for Indian Gov to build Solar Power Plants. This is the starting project along roads and railroad trails. German patented landmanagement system shall help to safe the railroad dams and streets and recultivate most vulnerable areas in forestry and agriculture. INDIA and GERMANY made a 1.5 Billion € contract for developement in SOlar Energy and persistant livelyhood. Our project fits absolutely into these scheme and schedule. We offer private and institutional investment as Global Implementation Agency. You can partner up, become stakeholder and/or participant. This is important, because we stick dirctly to the encyclica "LAUDATO SI" of Pope Francis. Therefore religious institutions are welcome. Our account is settled at Institutio per la Opera de la Religiosa (IOR). This is evenso a proofed ethical fund (UN-DESA, Blue Cross, WHRC, WAHOD, RMI, AIICDIOCESE), so it is valuable, secure, flexible, high longlasting return of invest (ROI) and with low risk.

Rajasthan, India

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Reasons for signing

  • To develop our country and scarcity of electricity power in our country and development of poor and Needy
  • praise the lord


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