To: Mayor Kasim Reed

Divest Atlanta From Fossil Fuels

Divest City of Atlanta holdings from all fossil fuels within 3 years. Divestment will include, but not be limited to, holdings in oil companies, coal companies and other companies whose business model is at odds with Carbon Stabilization.

Why is this important?

As we respond to Climate Change, some companies will adapt and prosper. Other companies, whose business model is at odds with stabilizing and reducing carbon emissions represent latent weakness in their business model. These businesses will no longer be wise investments, and a fiduciary duty to City investment funds will increasingly require less investment in these companies, rather than more.

Companies heavily invested in fossil fuels will have a structural problem adapting to a Carbon Constrained World. Why? Because they count as part of their company wealth the underground oil, gas and coal deposits which, if released into the atmosphere, will cause greater and greater climate change.

The sooner the City divests from these companies, the better.

Atlanta, GA

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Reasons for signing

  • Economic drivers will be the difference between sustainable energy and the status quo.
  • It is urgent that we invest our creativity and resources to develop beneficial, regenerative practices that are compatible with conditions conducive for Life. THERE IS NO ECONOMY IN THE ABSENCE OF ECOSYSTEM SERVICES Let’s invest in SOIL, FOOD SECURITY, COMMUNITY and CLIMATE STABILITY: Restore and develop biologically active soil as broadly as possible - enabling healthy local food production and restoration of ecosystem services - supporting healthy people and resilient communities.
  • This isn't just about innovating our infrastructure, energy production, creating more jobs, or flowing more money back into our local economy... This is also about preserving our world for current and future generations.