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To: ACT Chief Minister and Treasurer

Divest Canberra from Fossil Fuels

It's time to stop all new investments in fossil fuels and protect ACT's funds by going fossil free.

Why is this important?

The ACT has Australia's most ambitious targets for emissions cuts and growing the renewable energy of the future. So why on this threatened earth does it invest in the coal, gas and oil that undermines all its good work? It's a moral shame and a big financial risk. Canberrans expect more!

Legislative Assembly for the ACT, London Circuit, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • because fossil fuels are destroying our environment
  • We can't allow governments to half do something as critical as keeping Earth liveable. After all, soon enough this is exactly what it comes down to - the future we leave for children. Join me Canberrans and let's get the WHOLE mission achieved!
  • We deserve so much better stewardship!


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1,000 signatures reached

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