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To: Colorado Springs Mayor and City Council

Divest Colorado Springs From Fossil Fuels!

We call on the Mayor and City Council of Colorado Springs, CO to freeze any new investments in fossil fuels immediately and to divest from direct ownership and any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds within five years. Additionally, we call on the Mayor and City Council to issue a public statement in support of local and state divestment from fossil fuels and 2% reinvestment of funds into renewable energy in Colorado.

Why is this important?

We are concerned with the moral and economic issues around being invested in companies that contribute to climate change. Our local government has a responsibility to divest from a rogue industry that’s destroying our future, and reinvest in solutions to climate disruption. The fossil fuel industry has chosen to ignore the signs of a warming planet in favor of profit above all cost; we must send a clear message that we value the health of people and our planet before profits.

Climate change is ravaging our state, nation and planet with more wildfires, drought, higher food prices and extreme weather events. While climate change is severely impacting our quality of life now, it is young people whose future ability to thrive - and even survive - on our planet will be most impacted. Not only are the moral implications becoming more apparent, but the economic issues are also becoming prevalent. Hurricane Sandy relief exceeded $50 billion and in Colorado alone insurers estimated wildfire damage exceeded $450 million to personal property by July 2012. The number and severity of fires has dramatically increased over the past two decades, and with a warmer climate that trend will not reverse in the foreseeable future.

While a largely symbolic gesture, divesting from fossil fuels is important. By doing so, Colorado Springs City Council will send a clear message: fossil fuels are history, their continued use is harming us, and we want to invest in our future.

Divestment is not new to Colorado. In 2007, the state of Colorado passed a bill to divest funds from companies supporting the atrocities in Sudan on moral grounds. Colorado sent a message: we do not support the continued massacre of the people of Sudan. Divesting funds from fossil fuel companies would have an even greater impact. Divestment would show that Colorado Springs is committed to the health and future of its citizens. Though a small step against the global problem of climate change, divestment is an an important step towards transitioning to sustainable forms of energy, and it sends a message to the fossil fuel companies that they are not the way of the future.

The bottom line is this: divestment is the only moral choice for governments that care about their citizens. Solving the climate crisis is the only practical choice for governments that care about their solvency. It's time to divest from fossil fuels now!

Join us to gain public support on Feb. 13 for Global Divestment Day:
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How it will be delivered

We will deliver the signatures from the petition (electronic and hand-written) in person.

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I think government needs to know we oppose fossil fuel investments. We also need to commit to at least one "No-Car" day a week or this petition is pointless!
  • Climate change is serious and we need to take action to get off of our addiction to fossil fuels.


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100 underskrifter nådda

2015-04-11 00:53:24 -0400

Thrilled to meet so many committed to sustainability and divestment at the UCCS Sustainnovation event today. Thanks to all who signed our petition in support!

2015-02-13 19:27:02 -0500

We collected about 40 signatures today in downtown Colorado Springs for Global Divestment Day! We are one our way! Please help us gather support by sharing this petition with others you know in Colorado Springs. Thank you! YOU are what will make this town a better place to live ^_^

2015-02-13 19:10:05 -0500

50 signatures reached

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25 signatures reached