To: Douglas County Employees’Retirement System

Divest Douglas County Nebraska from Fossil Fuel Investments

Divest Douglas County Nebraska from Fossil Fuel Investments

Remove all companies from Equity Portfolios that trade in fossil fuels and replace them with Equity Portfolios that include renewable energy companies.

Why is this important?

The faster emissions are reduced, the lower the risks posed by climate change.
Delays in reducing emissions could commit the planet to a wide range of adverse impacts, especially if the sensitivity of the climate to greenhouse gases is
on the higher end of the estimated range.
• Waiting for unacceptable impacts to occur before taking action is imprudent
because the effects of greenhouse gas emissions do not fully manifest themselves for decades and, once manifested, many of these changes will persist for
hundreds or even thousands of years.
• The sooner that serious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions proceed,
the less pressure there will be to make steeper (and thus likely more expensive) emission reductions later.

How it will be delivered

Petition will be delivered on a monthly basis to the Douglas County Employees’
Retirement System.

Douglas County, Nebraska

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Reasons for signing

  • We must begin with speed to divest from the use in fossil fuel investments. The message must be it is imperative that we do everything possible to save our climate.


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