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To: Falmouth University

Calling On Falmouth University To Commit To Never Invest In Fossil Fuels

Divest Penryn, a student led campaign, is calling on Falmouth University to create an ethical investment policy so that in the event of the creation of an endowment fund the money is invested into socially responsible ethical investment funds.

We aim for this to happen by calling on Falmouth University to:
1. Commit to that it will never invest in fossil fuel companies
2. Work with the student body to create an ethical investment policy

Why is this important?

At the moment, there is no policy in place which stops our University investing in Fossil Fuels. We want this to change. Even though there are no investments at the moment, doesn't mean they won't in the future.
We believe that it is incredibly hypocritical that an institution entrusted to prepare its students for the future should not profit from destroying it at the most fundamental level. As a forward thinking, up and coming university, is it right for Falmouth to profit from such morally questionable industries?

If you are a student, academic, alumni or a concerned citizen who feels that Falmouth University should be challenged on this issue please add your signature to this petition and contact Divest Penryn to become more actively involved in this campaign!

Falmouth, United Kingdom

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