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To: City of San Jose City Council

Divest San Jose from Fossil Fuels!

Divest San Jose from Fossil Fuels!

We urge San Jose’s City Council adopt a resolution (1) requiring that the city divest itself from publicly-traded fossil fuel companies, and (2) urging the San Jose Federated City Employees' Retirement System and The San Jose Police And Fire Retirement System to divest From publicly-traded fossil fuel companies.

Why is this important?

Our local government has a responsibility to divest from an industry that’s destroying our future, and reinvest in solutions to climate change.

As evidence concerning the reality of climate change and the contribution of fossil fuel to climate change mounts, it is critical for citizens appeal to all levels of government to change their behavior. San Jose's divestment from fossil fuels is an important step in that direction.

Why does the petition urge the pension boards to divest from fossil fuel? Like Oakland and San Francisco, San Jose has two kinds of investments. The City of San Jose holds one kind in its treasury and the City's two pension boards hold the other to finance the retirement of city employees. The pension boards are independent and the City Council cannot order them to divest.

The bottom line is this: divestment is the only moral choice for governments that care about their citizens. Solving the climate crisis is the only practical choice for governments that care about their solvency. It's time to divest from fossil fuels now!

San Jose, CA

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Reasons for signing

  • Divestment is a brilliant strategy. Fossil fuel companies will only change their business models if the public takes action against their bottom line.
  • Silicon Valley is the global leader in innovation. We should be leading the way to a more sustainable future.
  • Our world NEEDS to be a place of harmony supporting those efforts that will carry us to that end. Thank you for joining us!


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