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To: Hornsby Shire Council

Divest Hornsby Shire from Fossil Fuel Investment

We, the residents and ratepayers of Hornsby Shire are calling upon our Council to divest from fossil fuel investments within 5 years so that our children have some sort of a future. We need to reduce investment in industries that are profitting from carbon emissions so that their power to pollute is limited.

Why is this important?

If we continue to mine fossil fuels we are on a sure path to catastrophic climate change. this will be disastrous for the planet.
If we can reduce the level of investment in fossil fuels then we reduce the power these industries have over our governments which will lead to effective regulations in carbon emissions. In addition, these industries will be forced to look elsewhere, such as to renewable energy sources, to make their profits. Divestment of fossil fuel stocks can lead to investment in renewables which will become more profitable as result.

Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia

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