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To: Carl Glaeser - The Chairman of the Committee on Investments at Juniata College

Divest Juniata College From Fossil Fuels

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Nathan Anderson-Stahl
Divest Juniata College From Fossil Fuels

Identify and freeze Juniata College’s investments in the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel corporations as ranked by Fossil Free Indexes. Fully divest these holdings by graduation 2017.

Why is this important?

With over 395 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, climate change is already unavoidable. In our warmer world we are going to pay the price for the avarice and ignorance of earlier generations. As a supposedly sustainable institution, we can no longer afford to invest in fossil fuels. Juniata College's seal reads, “Veritas Liberat”, meaning the truth frees. The truth is, climate change is the greatest threat facing our generation, and it is time for Juniata College to take action.

Huntington, PA, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because we need to, as a community, do more about climate change.
  • I signed because I want a more environmentally friendly future for the nest generations.


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