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To: Lancaster University

Divest Lancaster University from Unethical Investment

VICTORY! 🎉 During #COP26 Lancaster University becomes the 92nd UK university to announce divestment from fossil fuels!🎉

This follows 7 years of campaigning by Lancaster University students in the People & Planet network. HUGE congratulations to everyone who's been involved in the movement for social and climate justice at Lancaster! 🔥

We’re now looking to Lancaster’s Careers Department to block the pipeline of student careers into the oil, gas + mining industries 👀 it’s time for Fossil Free Careers! Sign the petition 👉

Keep us winning 👉

Divest Lancaster University from Unethical Investment

1. Adopt an ethical investment policy, with commitment to divestment from fossil fuels and the arms trade
2. Elected student position on the investment committee
3. Creation of a committee where investments can be scrutinised, and for these investments to be made public/transparent so that these decisions can be made from an informed perspective
4. At least 25% of investments in renewables; energy efficiency; and the university’s own activities, like the mental health services.

Proposed amendment to point 4: The adoption of Positive Screening for our investments, so that we fund industries that are morally and environmentally robust. For example, investment into renewable energy companies, as a commitment to the preservation of our environment for future generations.

Why is this important?

It's 2021 and Lancaster University is STILL investing in fossil fuels to the tune of £171,753.

UK universities support the fossil fuel industry directly through investments in companies such as BP and Shell. Lancaster University's involvement with this industry is incompatible with their image as a green university, actively promoting renewable energy and sustainability.

When this campaign began in 2014 around 14% of the university's current investments were in fossil fuels and nearly 4% of investments were in the arms trade. These investments are incompatible with the view of Lancaster as an ethical and environmentally friendly university, and we believe an increased awareness and lobbying by students will encourage the university management to adopt an ethical investment policy.

Link to our most up to date information on the University's investments:

Link to our early research:

Lancaster University, Bailrigg, United Kingdom

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We have updated the petition text to reflect the figure of Lancaster University's continued fossil fuel company investments in 2021

2014-04-30 13:41:06 -0400

Hi everyone :) I am just adding names from the paper petition to this online one. Hence why are you receiving emails on this those of you who signed the petition in Alex Square. If you have any questions, or would like to get more involved with the campaign, feel free to join our Lancaster People and Planet Facebook page, or even our group! Peace and Best Wishes, Us at Lancaster People and Planet

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