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To: The Vermont State College Board of Trustees

Divest Lyndon

Divest Lyndon

We are requesting that the Vermont state college system to freeze new fossil fuel Investments immediately, fossil fuel divestment within the next five years, and to only invest the college systems endowment in socially responsible Mutual funds. Lyndon State College and the Vermont State System surely do not believe in funding the destruction of our planet, thus we petition to put our money where our mouth is and remove our endowment from socially irresponsible mutual funds. At Lyndon and in the Vermont State System we dream of being leaders of this benevolent movement to be among the first schools in the country to divest from fossil fuels and ensure the sustainability of our planet, and the future of our civilization.

Why is this important?

Here at Lyndon we care about climate change, and although we may be a small school in a rural location we believe in the Vermont tradition of progressive social change. We believe that we can be among the pioneers of this movement and showcase that any school regardless of size and prestige can make an impact on this fight against climate change!

Lyndonville, Lyndon, VT, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • Even as a small community, I believe Lyndon can make a BIG change and be a role model to other Vermont State Colleges.
  • I Believe in Lyndon and I Beleive in America and our ability to do what is right for the future of civilization.


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