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Oxy Divest from Fossil Fuels!

Oxy Divest from Fossil Fuels!

Our goal for this campaign is for the Board of Trustees and administrators of Occidental College to:
• Freeze all investments in the 200 largest fossil-fuel companies worldwide (measured by proven carbon reserves in oil, gas, and/or coal)
• Over the next five to ten years, sell all stock in these companies
• Reinvest a minimum of 5% of the divested portfolio in socially responsible companies and/or organizations

Why is this important?

Divesting Oxy’s endowment from fossil fuels is important because supporting companies that pollute the environment is morally irresponsible and profiting from that wreckage is unjust. Divestment is an action that makes the political and economic statement that we should be financially aiding climate solutions as opposed to perpetuating the climate crisis. The extractive nature of fossil fuel companies has severe, negative impacts on the environment and adversely affects the health of those who live near and work for: extraction sites, power plants, ocean ports, and truck transport routes. Furthermore, low-income communities and communities of color are disproportionately affected by the aforementioned issues. In addition, the fossil fuel industry holds a tight grip on the U.S. government and media through the funding of research, political campaigns, and deceptive advertisements that collectively deny climate change in order to obstruct the enactment of future climate change policies. We must ask ourselves:

• What kind of institution is Occidental if we care only about profit, and continue to ignore the need to act and prepare for the livelihood of future generations?
• What kind of institution is Occidental if it boasts values of service to the public good, but our investments directly contribute to the destruction of our communities and the natural environment?
• Who does Occidental represent truly represent: the heads of these fossil fuel companies, or its student body, faculty, and greater community?
• Who is Occidental if we teach our student body to act and to change the injustices in our world, but our own institution fails to do so itself?

It is time for Occidental to take a stern look at its investment portfolio and divest from the destructive fossil fuel industry.

How it will be delivered

We plan on personally marching down to President Veitch's office to deliver this petition.

Los Angeles, CA, United States

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because we must "blow from below" and get this planet off fossil fuel!


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