To: Mayor Jean Stothert, Omaha City Council

Divest Omaha from Fossil Fuel Investments

Immediately freeze any new City of Omaha investments in fossil fuels and divest Omaha's holdings from fossil fuel companies (direct ownership and any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds) within 5 years.

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Why is this important?

Omaha must no longer invest in or support companies that have no regard for the future of our city, state, and planet. Judging by the writing on the wall over the past three decades, the negative effects of climate change are getting worse by the day. The latest research doesn't look good, I admit. Now is the time to start acting as a city. It's not even debatable anymore; man made climate change is fact and it's not going away. We know this. It's impossible to fight climate change while simultaneously investing in the dirtiest, most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on the planet. Continued investment in fossil fuel companies screams not only "business as usual," but "it doesn't matter," or worse, "we give up." The only way that we keep the remaining fossil fuels in the ground where they need to stay to combat further climate change disaster is to force fossil fuel companies to understand that we will no longer support their destructive business practices. The only way to get them to understand is to pull all of our investment money from them. As a responsible 21st century city, Omaha should be an example to other cities that we don't need to continue to invest in irresponsible business opportunities. It's terribly shortsighted and doesn't make good business sense. There is more money to be made in the long run by investing in clean energy and other sustainable businesses of the present and future. Why are we awarding the irresponsible dinosaurs of business with our investments instead of responsible, innovative businesses? It's pretty simple economics. Fossil fuel companies are not sustainable businesses. Let them reap what they have sewn and adapt or die. Pulling our investments from these companies will force them to do just that. The worst thing we can do for our local economy, our local security, and the future of Omaha's children and their children's children, is sit back and do nothing about climate change while continuing to support the businesses that most heavily contribute to it. It is time for Omaha to be on the forefront of America's future. It is time for Omaha to act responsibly for the future of its citizens. It is time for Omaha to divest all of our holdings in fossil fuel companies NOW!

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Omaha, NE

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