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To: The Vice Chancellor - Professor Judith Petts

University of Plymouth, commit to NEVER invest in Fossil Fuels!

University of Plymouth, commit to NEVER invest in Fossil Fuels!

We are calling on the the University of Plymouth to:

1. Sign the Fossil Free Declaration*
2. Commit to always excluding fossil fuels from their investment portfolio in the future
3. Introduce a publicly accessible ethical investment policy excluding the fossil fuel industry

Why is this important?

We will not keep climate change at bay without halting our extraction of fossil-fuels. Plymouth University prides itself in its sustainability and environmental performance however neglecting to sign the declaration and commit to excluding fossil fuels from future investments shows a clear inconsistency in their policy. The People and Planet society here at Plymouth University want this to change. Despite no current investments in fossil fuels there is no policy stopping this in the future.

Plymouth University was once at the top of the People and Planet University League Table (2015), but by 2019 had dropped down to 15th. By signing the Fossil Free Declaration Plymouth could both increase their position AND show a renewed commitment to global social and climate justice.

As students we are investing our time and money into our education and future. So why shouldn't our institute of learning promise never to invest in Fossil Fuels and invest in our future instead?

How it will be delivered

In-person / digitally depending on COVID-19 guidance.


Plymouth University, Drake Circus, Plymouth, United Kingdom

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