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To: The Vice Chancellor - Judith Petts

Lets Make Sure Plymouth Uni NEVER invest in Fossil Fuels

Lets Make Sure Plymouth Uni NEVER invest in Fossil Fuels

Currently, Plymouth University doesn't have any investments in Fossil Fuel companies; but this could change. The VC has ignored our request to publicly commit to never invest in Fossil Fuels. We want the University of Plymouth to commit, and say that it will never invest in any fossil fuel companies. Many students come to this University for its sustainable record. Ignoring a request to never invest in fossil fuels would conflict with its otherwise green appearance and research into renewable energy, climate change, and sustainability.

Why is this important?

At the People and Planet society here at Plymouth University, we believe that our educational institution should be consistent throughout their policies. At the moment, there is no policy in place which stops our University investing in Fossil Fuels. We want this to change. Even though there are no investments at the moment, doesn't mean they won't in the future, and as the top of People and Planet's Green League Table 2015, we don't want them too. Plymouth University has since dropped to 12th place.

As students we are investing our time and money into our education, so why shouldn't our institute of learning promise never to invest in Fossil Fuels, and invest in our future instead?

How it will be delivered

Campaign and raise awareness across the University Campus, email the Vice Chancellor, and begin peaceful action if these previous processes are not effective.

Plymouth University, Drake Circus, Plymouth, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Contribute to a valid and necessary campaign.
  • its important as a "sustainable" university to set an example to not just the rest of the universities but the public, governmental bodies ect but also to uphold that standard of being "sustainable".
  • Surely Plymouth University, who pride themselves in being 'green' can understand the need to divest fully from fossil fuels. Why not instead invest in the renewable industry, leading as an example to other universities and pioneer this movement. Renewables are profitable (which seem to be the only goal for people at the top of the university pyramids) and a good long-term investment in an energy industry growing increasingly green-focused.


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