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To: Board of Directors at Sheridan College

Divest Sheridan College from Fossil Fuels

Divest Sheridan College from Fossil Fuels

We the students, staff, and alumni would like this educational institution which advertises its interest in creating a sustainable future to reflect on where it currently has money invested. They must recognize that our path to a green future starts with divesting money from the fossil fuel investments we currently have over the next 5 years and prevent any future investments in this industry.

Why is this important?

It is of paramount importance to address climate change immediately. We are witnessing extreme weather conditions more frequently as a result of an excess of CO2 in the atmosphere. There is an urgent need to move from fossil fuel production to carbon-neutral energy production. Globally the fossil Fuel industry has more than five times the reserves of carbon than can safely be burned and despite this they continue to search for more paying no regard to their emissions.

The Carbon bubble suggests that any investment in the fossil fuel industry is not sound because the investments are based on the assumption that these reserves will be burned which is not something we can afford as global leaders have agreed.

The bottom line is we all will suffer immensely if we don't stop the degradation of the environment through the continued support of the fossil fuel industry. We are presenting this opportunity to Sheridan to consider the ethical implications of continuing to invest in such a tainted, unsustainable future.

Sheridan has just under $20 million dollars invested in this unsustainable industry.

Oakville, ON, Canada

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