To: Sheridan Board of Directors

Divest Sheridan College from Fossil Fuels

Divest Sheridan College from Fossil Fuels

I am a student currently attending Sheridan College.
I have a request regarding where the college currently has money invested:

I would like this educational institution which advertises it has an interest in creating a sustainable future, and has recently launched a zero waste campaign to reflect on where money is being spent. I want them to recognize that our path to a green future starts with divesting money from any current fossil fuel investments we most likely have.
I am currently asking them what is their stance on climate change and specifically how they feel about taking any investments that Sheridan currently has devoted to the fossil fuel industry and placing them elsewhere.

Why is this important?

I think it is of paramount importance to address climate change immediately. I feel this way because we need to preserve what we can before it is too late. The negative impacts of global warming are and have been affecting the global southern hemisphere for a long time in greater ways than it has directly affected us. The major issue with this is not only their inability to deal with such extreme weather situations but also, the fact that it is happening because of the Northern Hemisphere's lifestyle choices. THis is not right. The bottom line is we all will suffer immensely if we don't stop the degradation of the environment as well as the continued support of the fossil fuel industry. We nee to make serious and drastic changes immediately.

THis is a growing movement which is being put forth on campuses and in cities and church communities across the U.S. as well as Canada.


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