To: Ulster University

Divest Ulster University from Fossil Fuels

People & Planet

The UUSU Student Executive and Green impact Sub-Committee will lobby the University to withdraw any investment in the arms trade and fossil fuels companies, and to use this investment in greener, more sustainable alternatives, if not student facilities.

Why is this important?

The Students’ Union recently received a response to their freedom of information request Ulster University on their investment portfolio. We had inquired as to Ulster University’s direct investments through Innovation Ulster and those made indirectly through it’s Endowment Fund. It was found that the University invests its Endowment Fund through the Rathbones Active Income and Growth Fund.

Without taking into consideration the fund’s direct investments, and bearing in mind that the total amount of money Rathbones are managing for the University is over £7 million, it has invested approximately £80,000 in fossil fuel companies such as Dutch Shell and BP.
Furthermore, the University also have significant investments in the tobacco industry (Over £26,000) and most worryingly in the arms industry (£13,000).

In this current climate we believe this money should be invested into student facilities and more sustainable alternatives.

Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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