To: Vice Chancellor Professor Peter John

Divest University of West London from fossil fuels

Divest University of West London from fossil fuels

Within the next 6 months, we call on you to:

1. review and publish this institution's financial and other ties to the fossil fuel industry
2. consult all staff and students about the university's ethical investment options
3. convene an investment committee meeting to review the financial and moral case for fossil fuel divestment.

Why is this important?

Our institution can and must help avert a climate crisis. By divesting from fossil fuels we can secure a clean energy future for generations to come.

Fossil fuel companies' reserves of oil, coal and gas hold 5 times more carbon than the world's atmostphere can safely handle. Their business plan will cuase climate chaos for billions of us, yet our UK universities still invest £5.2bn in fossil fuel companies.

It's time to dump the fossil fuel industry. Divest

University of West London, Saint Mary's Road, London, United Kingdom

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2014-02-28 12:30:06 -0500

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