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To: University of Nebraska Foundation

Divest UNL

1.) Freeze any and all new investments in fossil fuel companies
2.) Divest the University of Nebraska's fossil fuel holdings within 3 years.
3.) Reinvest in sustainable energy options like on campus generation and local wind power

Why is this important?

Divesting from fossil fuels is important because it shows discontentment with the exploration and expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. With recent annual temperatures being higher than ever recorded, there needs to be a reinvestment in the energy sector. The University of Nebraska can and should be invested in areas that represent the values of an institution. Fossil fuels and the associated pollution do not represent the values of the University of Nebraska and especially not the state of Nebraska. Fossil fuels do not represent "The Good Life". There is no reason the state of Nebraska cannot invest more heavily in renewable energy with neighboring Iowa generating nearly 30% of its electricity from renewable sources.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, R Street, Lincoln, NE, United States

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