To: All at The University Of Gloucestershire!

Divest UoG In Fossil Fuels.

Divest UoG In Fossil Fuels.

• Make an immediate statement of principle, expressing its intention to divest its holdings in fossil fuel companies within five years
• Immediately stop making new investments in the industry
• Instruct its investment managers to scale back the university’s existing holdings in the fossil fuel industry over the next five years

Why is this important?

All UoG students are part of an ever changing world and are all threatened by the rise in global temperatures. Arctic sea Ice has retreated to its lowest point since monitoring records began! All due to our rise in average global temperature. The earth's total extreme events are also on the rise, with drought flooding and fire incidents becoming more common. The expanding Fossil fuel industry is altering our planet and will lead into a prolonged climate crisis that will be detrimental to our ecosystems and all they support. Morally and ethically we need to re-evaluate our use of fuels and switch to sustainable and renewable resources.

The university has both a moral and a financial duty to its students to withdraw its investments from the fossil fuel industry.
So from now we look at The University of Gloucestershire to be forefront of dealing with climate change issues and protecting its students by divesting in fossil fuels now!

University of Gloucestershire, Swindon Road, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Notice the collapse of scallop industry in BC this week? (U of G grad, 1975)
  • This one's for you, Greg.
  • I'd rather not have my hometown flood because of rising sea temperatures melting, and it'd be a nice start if my own uni did their bit considering they have big geology and biology courses and stuff. :/


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