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To: Vancouver Island Health Association

Divest Vancouver Island Health Association: Finite Fossil Fuel

Divest Vancouver Island Health Association: Finite Fossil Fuel

A call to those that need to start and implement a change. We need to recognize that fossil fuels cannot go on indefinitely for they are finite. They are not sustainable. Divesting in fossil fuels pushes companies towards that change by profit decrease and for them to allow the reality of peak oil

Why is this important?

Fossil fuels are finite. This system can't last forever because eventually there comes a point where there is no more left to extract that won't cause catastrophic damage. Dirty oil practices is a result in trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Fracking, arctic drilling, offshore drilling, and tar sand expansions are unsafe. This will be at the expense of who lives here and call this island home. Where do we draw the line? Companies and corporations who extract won't draw it because it goes against profits. This is ultimately the same reason they don't allow market competition of oil substitute products and green energy. Profits. There's a limit of how much is safely extracted, what can be extracted and if we don't draw the line for them, then we rush headlong into a future without a safety net or a plan. WE ALL must be responsible for protecting a healthy planet and an economically sound country. Divest now to allow progress with energy reforms, to let them become possible. Profit is the language that corporations speak and divesting speaks volumes. It tells them no more irresponsible behavior. No more reckless behavior. Find a new sustainable way or move over and let another progress us forward into a better future for all

Vancouver Island/Gulf Islands

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