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To: Wheeling Board of Trustees

Divest Wheeling From Fossil Fuels

Divest Wheeling From Fossil Fuels

In the next five years, gradually divest any holdings in fossil fuel companies via the pension or retirement funds or any other investments that use village tax dollars that the line of site to the fossil fuel (oil and coal) industry is clear.
Make continued participation in the aggregation program with Commonwealth Edison contingent on their making natural gas and other fuel sources key to their business strategy for the next five years.

Why is this important?

Most climate scientists agree that carbon emissions are a significant cause of climate change in the world. Those scientists who believe that the current climate conditions are simply part of normal cycles in the earth's history ignore how much more rapidly the climate has changed in the past century than any time in the past. What strikes home to me is the position of the citizens group Their core belief is that, at the present rate of burning coal and oil, the air surrounding the entire planet will not be fit to sustain human life by the year 2050. My grandchildren will be my age then. I cannot imagine a future where these little people, by then middle-aged, will struggle to breathe.

Wheeling, IL

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