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To: College van Bestuur van de VU



We request the board of Directors of the Vrije Universiteit to no longer make any new investments in fossil fuels, and divest its current holdings from fossil fuels within the coming five years. We furthermore want transparency and openness of the financial positions of the VU and how it currently invests its funds. Thirdly, we call for a discussion with the board of directors about the pensions of the VU's employees, which run the same financial risks as direct investments in fossil fuel producing companies.

Why is this important?

The VU presents itself as a sustainable University, and has sustainability as one of its core values. Simultaneously, the VU invests in the fossil fuel sector. We believe that investing in fossil fuels is the opposite of sustainability, and attempt to convince the board of directors to divest from fossil fuel producing companies. The financial risks inherent in such investments are structurally underestimated. Also, continuing these investments will prove disastrous to the environment in the long run. We are actively looking for enthused fellow-students (especially bachelor students) who want to help get this message across to the board of directors of the VU.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Reasons for signing

  • A university that comprises a faculty of science has to take steps to combat climate change, or it would be oblivious of the very knowledge that is created in the university itself.
  • Our university presents itself as a sustainable university, 'looking further' as the advertising slogan says. Being an earth scientist, I am deeply concerned about the increasing impact on the environment of extreme ways of fossil fuel extraction like tar sands and shale gas, and the devastating impact of increasing fossil fuel use on climate.
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