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To: Board of Directors



Implement solid infrastructure to continue the divergence from fossil fuels and towards more green energies. Invest capital and faculty resources to work towards new green targets and show clear progress in the next five years.

As a forward thinking and innovative establishment it is important that we set an example to universities and businesses globally in tackling the greatest climate challenges we face today. A move from unsustainable and dirty energies will be economical in the longer term and end reliance on diminishing natural resources.

It is poorer communities across Asia and the Pacific who suffer because of our intense exploitation of fossil reserves. Further global warming will only escalate this problem, though natural disasters will soon be over-shadowed if great areas of the Earth begin to turn hostile and un supportive of life.

In addition, providing widespread climate awareness education on the importance of divestment and informing students about careers in the green energy sector rather than that of fossil fuels can ensure that the university produces true forward thinking global citizens to enter the workforce.

Can we make Leeds Beckett's energy agenda fully fossil free in 5 years time?

Why is this important?

The earth as a living organism is suffering from exploitation of resources, heavy industry and pollution from each of these things. In addition to environmentalist arguments that unfortunately do not persuade all, the future of oil, coal and gas in the UK is questionable. The rise of oil production in OPEC countries is dragging oil down to a price with which we cannot compete, threatening our offshore industry. In addition fracking in the US is similarly distorting the gas market prices due to increased production.

Finally, it is estimated that China will run out of coal by 2030; even the worlds worst exploiters of carbon energies now realise the need for reform and divestment. Divestment is now.

How it will be delivered

Our campaign team will be located in the library entrances at both City and Headingley campuses during Go Green Week, 9 - 15th February 2015, and shall be organising a sit-in during Global Divestment Day, 13 - 14th February 2015. Keep an eye out for us, come for a chat and show your support. For any more information or to get involved with our campaign team please contact Faye -

Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Universities should be setting an example, and living by an ethical, moral code. By being addicted to fossil fuel, other lives - far away in time (ie our children) and space (ie other, distant and near countries) are put at risk or degraded. It is a choice of conscience and responsibility.


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