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To: The Board of Directors of Leiden University.

Fossil Free Leiden University

Divest the possible direct investments in fossil fuels and team up with other Dutch universities and institutions to start the dialogue with the pension funds and convince them to divest as well. Instead of investing in fossil fuels we suggest that Leiden University invests in green banks, of which examples in the Netherlands are Triodos and ASN.

Why is this important?

Wij, studenten van de oudste universiteit van Nederland, vinden dat het tijd wordt om naar de toekomst te kijken en te denken aan de generaties studenten die nog komen. Om die reden roepen wij de Universiteit Leiden dan ook op om te desinvesteren en zo samen met andere aangesloten instellingen een klimaatcrisis te voorkomen. Ons team kan altijd extra enthousiastelingen
gebruiken, we horen dan ook graag van je via een van onze sociale media!

At this point in time, we - mankind - have the opportunity to act and stop a climate crisis from happening. Divestment from fossil fuels is a big step in this process. Leiden University, one of the most prestigious universities and the oldest university in the Netherlands, should join this campaign to show that they are not only educating tomorrow's generation but that they are also concerned about the world in which that generation - and many to follow - will live. In doing this Leiden University can show that they take sustainability serious and show society that they are willing to step up and together with others prevent a climate crisis from happening.

Leiden, The Netherlands

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Reasons for signing

  • With such volatile oil prices, there is a legitimate economic incentive to invest in renewable energy technologies whose future market expansion is assured. This is particularly the case in the post-COP21 context, where countries will be pressed to meet their INDCs. Within this context, fossil fuel investments are increasingly at risk of becoming stranded assets. Both economically and ethically, it is only wise to divest.
  • practise what you preach
  • Climate change should be the essence of focus at this time. Take literally 2 seconds for a positive change :)


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