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To: Vice-Chancellor Janet Beer on the University's Investments Sub-Committee

Fossil Free Liverpool University

Fossil Free Liverpool University

We call on the University of Liverpool to:
- Identify fossil fuel industry endowments within the University’s investment portfolio
- Freeze any new investment in top 200 fossil fuel companies
- Update its ethical investment policy to include fossil fuel industry as unethical investments
Commit to
- Divest all endowments from the fossil industry by 2020
- Reinvest funds to lower risk ethical and sustainable investments
- Transparent full disclosure of the university’s entire investment portfolio and commercial links

Why is this important?

Climate Change is an issue which will disrupt our entire planet's weather and ecosystems if we allow it to happen. The effects on society will be drastic and chaotic leading to increased disease, famine, poverty, migration. We want our university be a bold leader in the fight against Climate Change and the transition to a sustainable and fairer society.

The failure of the industry and global leaders over the past decades to enact meaningful change has forced the need for progressive action: divestment. The university is a leading researcher in areas of sustainable energy, environment, climate, health, food security and conflict. We want the university to have consistent values in its activities, that it will not endorse or profit from these highly unethical companies.

The status quo isn't working and the transition to sustainability is inevitable so let us be bold, let us be positive, let us act on the right side of history and usher in a new better era. Divesting from these companies frees up capital to reinvest in our new technologies, industries and economies for a secure and sustainable future.

Liverpool, United Kingdom

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