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To: The University of Edinburgh

Get University of Edinburgh to fully divest from fossil fuels and arms!

Get University of Edinburgh to fully divest from fossil fuels and arms!

Now that the University of Edinburgh have committed to divest their funds from three major fossil fuel companies - BP, Shell and BHP Billington - and to never investing in controversial arms, it is time for them to realise that this is not enough. It is no longer acceptable to continue their investment in other fossil fuel and arms companies.

We are calling on the University of Edinburgh to:

1. Commit to divesting from all other companies within the fossil fuel and arms industries and to invest more in low-carbon assets and renewable energy.

2. Help build a sustainable future for its students and future generations.

Why is this important?

Recent projections have shown that if we continue to emit CO2 at our current rates, the world will warm by a total of 4 degrees by the end of the century.

It is clear that our future does not lie within fossil fuels so we must find sustainable energy alternatives before it is too late. Despite this, and despite having committed to divesting from some fossil fuel companies, the University of Edinburgh still has vast sums of money invested in fossil fuels and arms. We believe the University should stand by its ethics and join other universities such as Glasgow and SOAS in divesting fully from fossil fuels and arms companies. We are going to continue the fight and get the university to #divesttherest.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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