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To: The Board of Trustees and President Liebowitz

Middlebury College: Go Fossil Free!

Middlebury College: Go Fossil Free!

We ask that Middlebury College divest from the top 200 publicly-traded fossil fuel companies.

Why is this important?

Divest Middlebury believes Middlebury College has the potential to be a leader in social responsibility and sustainability. Middlebury College’s mission statement identifies environmental stewardship and global engagement as critical priorities of the institution; we must align our investments with these values. In the context of global environmental degradation and exploitation of vulnerable communities by the fossil fuel industry, it is not enough to focus solely on sustainability on our campus in Vermont.

The divestment movement has the potential to confront the power of the fossil fuel industry and bring about the kind of action necessary to end our reliance on fossil fuels. Fossil fuel divestment is financially achievable; academic institutions, cities, religious communities, and pension funds have already made the commitment to divest.

Companies that engage in fossil fuel extraction have inherent risks, both financially and operationally, that threaten their performance now and in the long term. With opportunities to invest in high-performing, innovative, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious companies, the choice is clear. We must harness our position as a privileged private academic institution to confront the gravest planetary emergency of our time.

Middlebury College

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