To: Australian government and Future Fund

Divest fossil fuel investments from Australia's Future Fund

Divest fossil fuel investments from Australia's Future Fund

I want the $45billion Australian government created Future Fund to live up to its name and stop supporting the fossil fuel dinosaur. Sell your carbon intensive fossil fuel investments and stop being part of the problem. The fossil fuel industry is completely unsustainable, it trades in the irreversible poisoning and pollution of this planets' future. It has been calculated that to avoid catastrophic climate change, most proven fossil fuel assets must be left in the ground.

Why is this important?

There is enough coal and oil already discovered to warm our only planet to catastrophic Temperatures 4 times over. To maintain world political security, food security, climate safety and planetary health we must leave most of our fossil fuel reserves in the ground and begin the change to clean and green energy . If we withdraw our financial support from the fossil fuel industry we actively encourage it to diversify into sustainable renewable energy alternatives. It has been calculated just 1% of global GDP is required to make the change to renewable energy and secure a safer future for all the worlds people. The owners of our Future Fund have a responsibility to ensure our investments are not contributing to the dangerous global warming problem and are instead financing and driving the solution.


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