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Sign the Go Green Week pledge

Sign the Go Green Week pledge

As part of People & Planet's Go Green Week, students and staff at your institution have been working hard to raise awareness of the climate crisis we face and promote sustainable solutions.

We, the undersigned, are calling on you to make a firm commitment to pursue one particularly important solution: fossil fuel divestment. It's a solution that everyone from the head of the World Bank (1), Jim Yong-Kim to Al Gore have come out in support of in recent months.

We believe that investing in fossil fuel companies runs completely counter to the strong commitments made by all UK Vice-Chancellors to reduce the Higher Education sector's climate impacts (2). However, UK universities still invest over £5.2 billion in the very companies doing most to cause the climate crisis (3).

Just last month, the UN climate chief Christiana Figueres (4), advised institutional investors to pull funds out of fossil fuel companies given their plans to extract 5 times more oil, coal and gas than can safely be burnt to avoid dangerous climate change.

We believe that not only are these investments financially unsound due to the looming 'carbon bubble' crisis (5), but also that it is deeply immoral and hypocritical to profit from those knowingly destroying a safe future for us all.

In Go Green Week 2014, tens of thousands of students and staff took action around the country to highlight the links between our institutions and the fossil fuel industry.

We call on you to commit to the following 3 simple steps by July 2014, to show you're serious about your commitments to tackling the climate crisis:

* review and publish this institutions’ financial ties to the fossil fuel industry
* consult all staff and students about the university’s ethical investment options
* convene an investment committee meeting to review the financial and moral case for fossil fuel divestment

A list of current signatories to the Go Green Week pledge can be found below. Please join other Vice-Chancellors in signing this pledge before Friday 28 February

Why is this important?

We have to leave fossil fuels in the ground to avoid a dangerous climate crisis. Investing in the companies who continue to extract fossil fuels is wrong. Universities should be supporting a safe and clean energy future for all instead.

See list of signatories:

(1) World Bank chief backs fossil fuel divestment drive:

(2) See and

(3) Knowledge and Power: Fossil Fuel Universities (Oct 2013):

(4) Get your cash out of fossil fuel-backed funds says UN climate chief


How it will be delivered

By letter to each Vice-Chancellor in the UK.

London, United Kingdom

Reasons for signing

  • alumni of all generations must join current students in calling for divestment
  • We have done enough damage, let's turn the tide!
  • This is n important step forward


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