To: Barclays Bank

Stop Barclays Funding Fossil Fuels

We want Barclays to divest from the North Dakota Access Pipeline, Fracking in the UK & fossil fuel extraction across the globe.

Why is this important?

If we’re serious about preventing catastrophic warming we can’t dig any new coal mines, drill any new fields, build any more pipelines. Not a single one. We can't stand by and watch as Sioux Native American's stopping a pipeline are pepper sprayed, Tasered, attacked with dogs and arrested, by police in tanks. We can't wait for the Tories frack under our homes and National Parks.

Despite ongoing resistance from Sioux Native Americans and allies militarized police continue protect companies laying the North Dakota Access Pipeline.

Despite thousands of objections and sustained local and national pressure, Third Energy have just been given the green light to frack in Ryedale, North Yorkshire.

These projects are front lines of the battle to keep fossil fuels in the ground We can't let these projects go ahead.

Barclays funds both these projects and have £15,653 million of assets in oil, gas and coal extraction globally.

Reasons for signing

  • Funding climate change ought to be a criminal act - it is certainly immoral - and Barclays need to be made aware of this fact. If that means they lose business before waking up to that fact so be it.
  • Beccause we all live in one environment and whilst Barclays have reportedly pulled out of bankrolling Fracking in Ryedale, Yorkshire, it's important they make the #BigShift out of ALL fossil fuels worldwide.
  • Investment needs to be directed to sustainable energy production


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