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To: TESOL Executive Committee and Board of Directors

TESOL: Divest for a Fossil Free Future

TESOL has a responsibility to ensure that its financial holdings do not support the fossil fuel companies that are destroying our planet through climate change, pollution, and deforestation worldwide. Member dues and contributions must be invested, instead, in holdings that encourage a rapid transition to clean, renewable energy. TESOL must begin an immediate divestment from fossil fuel financial interests and commit to active financial support of socially and environmentally responsible investments

Why is this important?

For the future of all of humankind, and for the sake of all life on the planet, we must immediately withdraw financial support from the fossil fuel interests that are contributing to a "game over for the planet," catastrophic climate change scenario.

Reasons for signing

  • One of TESOL's Stated Core Values is "Collaboration: Cooperation for the common good within a diverse, inclusive and culturally sensitive global community."


2014-09-15 02:52:56 -0400

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