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To: U.S. academicians -- put your pension $ where your green mouth is!

TIAA-CREF indeed let us choose fossil-free!

TIAA-CREF said yes! Sustainability-interested American academicians have a choice of whether or not to invest in fossil fuel and greenhouse gas intensive industries through this fund:

We have to ask for it, though, and shift our pensions there.... One more step, team GHG reductions! Please go shift your pension funds there, and encourage your colleagues/professors to do so...

Why is this important?

This is why it matters for you to ask for your personal pension to get moved within TIAA-CREF (or to put pressure on your profs to do so, if you're a student!)...

As of June 2020, we had a quarter billion $ in teacher pensions in TIAA-CREF's Low Carbon Social Choice fund, but it's a TRILLION $ fund, so more $ needs to be shifted here;

We recognize that most industries rely somewhat on fossil fuels, but we also recognize that certain industries play particularly large roles in promoting climate change, the most critical global challenge to environmental, social, and financial sustainability, and this Low Carbon Social Choice fund allows us to put our $ where our mouths are.

How it will be delivered

Through this campaign and media about it and about this fund:


2020-06-28 23:40:33 -0400

We got TIAA-CREF to offer this to the U.S. faculty invested in their TRILLION $ fund -- now we just have to get faculty to do so!! (I've got 100% of my U.S. university pension in the Low Carbon Fund -- what about you (if you're a prof, too) and your professors (if you're a student activist :-).

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