To: University of Evansville Administration and Trustees

University of Evansville Divestment

University of Evansville Divestment

Take one or both of the following two actions:

1. Cease and/or withdraw investment into companies whose primary purpose and source of income is derived from the harvest, collection, sale, or combustion of fossil fuels, or whose business model is wholly dependent by design upon the harvest and combustion of fossil fuels.

2. Issue and persistently enforce a statement demanding that companies in which the University holds investments, both in fossil fuel industries and otherwise, make every effort to reduce the waste of energy and resources, reduce their contribution to climate change, and minimize their impact on both local and global ecology and sustainability.

Why is this important?

Climate change and other environmental issues are the greatest threat facing humanity as a whole in this century. We have a human responsibility to each other and our descendants to minimize our impact. Failure in this regard will be tragic and expensive, represented by the poor condition many fossil fuel companies which have failed to modernize and begin moving to alternatives are in as far as profits and stock value.

The University of Evansville, as a bastion of higher learning, has a responsibility to its students and donors to maintain both profitable and ethical investments, of which a great many fossil fuel companies fail to be at least one.

University of Evansville, Lincoln Avenue, Evansville, IN, United States

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