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To: Chief Finance Officer Andrew Connolly

University of Exeter Fossil Free Campaign

University of Exeter Fossil Free Campaign

We want the University of Exeter to move its entire £29 million endowment away from its current investment manager, JPMorgan Chase, and into one of the top Ethical Investment Funds. This would not only cease all investments in the Fossil Fuel industry but also put the money towards companies actively providing positive change.

Why is this important?

JPMorgan Chase is one of the worlds largest investment banks and as such has its fingers in a great many pots. Unfortunately some of these pots come with some truly terrible baggage, from fossil fuels to animal testing JPMorgan invests in them all. This sadly includes being the US's largest share holders in PetroChina, a company which has been widely recognized and condemned for helping finance genocide in Sudan. That means in a single company your tuition fees have direct connections to both the worsening of Climate Change and a Genocide that stills claims more than 100 lives every day.
For a University to profit from any of these causes is wrong beyond belief but to be involved in all of them and more is a complete catastrophe. By signing you are telling the University that this cannot continue and that you support the campaign for not just a Fossil Free Exeter but an Ethically Invested Exeter as well.

How it will be delivered

In person when we have our official meeting with the University.

University of Exeter, The Queen's Drive, Exeter, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • As with any institution which has sizeable investments, it is important that they are invested ethically. UOE will set an example for others!!!
  • Exeter ran the recent free Climate Course - it was very good! If you can run this course, you should go Fossil Free!
  • Exeter offers a number of environmentally focussed courses, including the 'One Planet MBA'. It's time for them to practice what they preach.


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