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To: President Rao, VCU Board of Visitors, and VCIMCO

Divest VCU for Climate Justice

1. VCU must immediately freeze any new investments in the fossil fuel industry.
2. VCU must divest from direct ownership and any commingled funds that include The Carbon Underground 200 (TM) fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds.
3. We require an open dialogue between the administration and students about what VCU is doing to address these concerns.

Why is this important?

Because our economy is not going to shift its dependency away from the fossil fuel industry without a push.

Because Fossil fuel divestment would be a globally impactful, symbolic action for our university to take against the destruction that fossil fuels are causing right now and will continue to.

Because VCU students deserve the opportunity to graduate with a future not defined by climate chaos.

Virginia Commonwealth University

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