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To: Curtin University Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry

Divest Curtin From Fossil Fuels

Divest Curtin From Fossil Fuels

We call on Curtin University to:

1. Immediately freeze any new investment in fossil-fuel companies;
2. Divest within five years from direct ownership in and from any managed funds that include fossil-fuel companies;
3. And commit to full disclosure of carbon exposure of its investments and provide regular public reports of its progress towards points 1 and 2.

Why is this important?

We have reached a landmark moment in history. For the first time in over 5 million years the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has reached 400 parts per million (ppm). 97% of all climate scientists agree that climate change is human induced and argue that the highest safe concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is 350 ppm.

If we want to secure a safe and livable future it is time to end the fossil fuel era and invest in renewable energy and sustainable lifestyles.

We call on Curtin University to immediately freeze any new investment in fossil-fuel companies, and to divest within five years from direct ownership and from any commingled funds that include fossil-fuel public equities and corporate bonds.

We believe such action on behalf of the University will be a sound decision for our institution’s financial portfolio because it is financially and morally unjustified to invest in assets that will become stranded and guarantee dangerous climate change. In addition it is unconscionable to pay for our education with investments that will condemn both the planet to climate disaster and current and future graduating classes to a future defined by climate chaos.

For the good of our students and our nation, and to preserve the quality of life for this and future generations worldwide, we call upon you to join a growing movement of schools around the country that are committed to preventing a more extreme climate by moving Curtin University's endowment beyond fossil fuels.

Curtin University, Bentley, Western Australia, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • Universities should be basing their investments on evidence-based research which shows that fossil-fuels are harmful to the future of us and many other organisms on the planet.
  • Curtin University has the opportunity to be a leader in this initiative.
  • Universities should be leading the charge in a carbon-free future


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