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To: Chancellor Alan Finkel and Vice Chancellor Professor Margaret Gardner

Divest Monash University from fossil fuels

Divest Monash University from fossil fuels

Monash University should:
1) Investigate and disclose the full carbon exposure of its investments;
2) Stop any new investments in fossil fuel extraction or usage;
3) Develop a strategic plan to transition its investment portfolio away from fossil fuels towards cleaner solutions.

Why is this important?

Monash University is one the leading universities in Australia. Numerous Monash researchers (many of them IPCC authors) contribute important research about climate change and its future impacts. The scientific consensus on climate change from these researchers is quite clear, climate change must urgently be addressed. What is needed now is decisive action.

However, as atmospheric CO2 concentration levels crossed the 400 ppm threshold for the first time in human history (and in millions of years) and the world is already starting to feel the impacts of increasing extreme weather events, it is apparent that politicians, corporations, and the public in general are unable or unwilling to take meaningful steps to curb climate change, even using solutions that in many cases are already available. Instead, the problem is being deferred to future generations.

Monash University has an opportunity to show leadership by divesting from investments in fossil fuels which are driving and accelerating world carbon emissions and obstructing meaningful action to curb climate change. Let's strengthen Monash University's already strong commitment to sustainability by going fossil-free.

Monash University, Clayton, Victoria, Australia

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