To: Waverley Council

Divest The Eastern Beaches Suburbs from Fossil Fuels

Divest The Eastern Beaches Suburbs from Fossil Fuels

Move our money out of fossil fuels and into the clean energy economy and refuse to invest in further destruction of our beautiful country and planet

1) Disclose the full carbon exposure of its current investments
2) Move any existing investments from fossil fuels to the clean energy economy
3) Implement policies to prevent any new investments in fossil fuel extraction
4) Commit 100% to cleaner ethical solutions

Why is this important?

Local government are in a position of authority and power to invest ethically for the future and well-being of our planet, our country, and our children.

"350 parts per million is what many scientists, climate experts, and progressive national governments are now saying is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere.

Accelerating arctic warming and other early climate impacts have led scientists to conclude that we are already above the safe zone at our current 390ppm, and that unless we are able to rapidly return to below 350 ppm this century, we risk reaching tipping points and irreversible impacts such as the melting of the Greenland ice sheet and major methane releases from increased permafrost melt." (Fossil Free, 2014)

For more on the science of 350, vsit

Waverley, New South Wales, Australia

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Reasons for signing

  • because we need to change our practices to ensure a safe sustainable environment for our future generations


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