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To: Episcopalians in the Diocese of California

Divest the Episcopal Diocese of California from Fossil Fuels

Vote to approve our divestment resolution at our diocesan convention on October 26. The resolution calls on the Diocese of California to divest from fossil fuel holdings within five years.

Why is this important?

We need to take a moral stand on this, the most important justice issue facing our world today. We are not alone...young people at our colleges and universities are passionate about this because they want a clean and safe world for their future, and we should be concerned too. Climate issues impact all people and all that God has created. Our faith is based on our responsibility to care for the world that God has created, but the way we are doing things now is endangering the integrity of creation. Divesting from fossil fuel is one way we can demonstrate our willingness to change from the destructive path we are on and seek to live out our faith by protecting all people and all of creation.

How it will be delivered

We plan on presenting it at our deanery meetings and then bringing it to our diocesan convention on Oct. 26

Episcopal Diocese-California, Taylor Street, San Francisco, California, North America

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