To: University of Saskatchewan

Divest U of S

1. Immediately halt further fossil fuel investment.
2. Create and implement a 5-year plan to divest all current holdings in fossil fuels.

Why is this important?

Our University is 'dedicated' to sustainability and Indigenization, yet is invested in the fossil fuel industry. If we are actually committed to sustainability and building respectful and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous peoples and nations then the University would not be heavily invested in fossil fuel industries who benefit from the destruction of the planet. The University and the administration need to step up NOW, TODAY, and make a change. It's not good enough to be the second to last university in Canada who chooses to take climate action seriously.
Students - Universities should be leaders in combatting the major social problems of our time – such as climate change and social justice – not continuing to prop up and support outdated, dirty fossil fuel energy that harms communities. Students are already leading; universities need to get on board!
Divesting from fossil fuels creates an opportunity to reinvest in clean energy that strengthens communities and builds a 21st-century economy, creating good new jobs. Universities are supposed to be preparing us for our future, but instead, they’re contributing to its destruction; these hypocritical actions need to end. Remaining invested in fossil fuels puts a stain on our school’s reputation - will we be proud to be U of S alumni with a degree that is soaked in oil? Or could we be proud of our education, institution, and administrators who took a stand as climate leaders who lead the way?
Faculty - We ask you to stand with us. You teach us about sustainability and climate change, the wrongs of wrecking the environment, the desperate need to build respectful and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous communities, yet work within an institution who says one thing but acts against those morals and values. Please stand with us - we want to see accountability from our institution and we ask you for your support.

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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