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To: Vice-Chancellor Professor H. Deep Saini & Board

Divest UC From Fossil Fuels

It is time for the University of Canberra to divest from fossil fuels. The university prides itself on its educational experience, and we believe that an important part of an this experience is a future free of climate destruction. To achieve this we are calling on the university to go fossil free, and divest holdings from fossil fuels within the next 5 years.

Why is this important?

In UC's strategic plan one of the three main objectives is: "to contribute to the building of fair, prosperous and sustainable communities which are respectful of their Indigenous past and committed to redressing disadvantage." It is well known that Indigenous communities are some of the worst hit by the impacts of climate change, so for the university to achieve their objective it is vital to divest from fossil fuels. In order to contribute to the building of sustainable communities, we our selves must become one.
UC proudly speaks of Adam Verwey, former student and president of the UC Student's Association, who was involved in the start up of fossil free superannuation company Future Super. They hang posters of him and his achievements around the university. With this in mind it makes zero sense that we are still invested in fossil fuels.
UC needs to step up and become a leader on this issue and move on from the past of fossil fuels. Together we can put this issue on the agenda of our Vice Chancellor and the university board, and make our university fossil free.

How it will be delivered

In person to the VC

University of Canberra, University Drive, Bruce, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

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