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To: University of Nebraska Board of Regents

University of Nebraska - Divest from Fossil Fuels!

The University of Nebraska currently holds over $4 million dollars in CU200 companies and organizations. The University of Nebraska must freeze any and all new investments in fossil fule companies, divest the holdings in the next 3 years and reinvest the holdings in sustainable energy options.

Why is this important?

Climate change is one of the most imperative issues of this generation. The Natural Resources Defense Council contends that climate change will cost nearly $1.9 trillion annually if forced to go unchecked. This is an imperative issue that has led to loss of life and property all around the world, including here in Nebraska. In 2019, large floods led to the loss of three lives and threatened the livelihoods of thousands. The total cost of these floods were nearly $3 billion dollars, dealing a large blow to our state. As the climate crisis continues, it is more important than ever that the University takes an active role in helping prevent the issue. Climate change continues to lead to extreme weather events and cause disruption in too many lives. The University of Nebraska should follow the lead of the Association of Big Ten Students and divest from fossil fuels.



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