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To: The University of Leicester

Fossil Free Leicester

5 actions we request
1) The university divests from companies listed on the Carbon Underground 200 list.
2) The university divests from other companies with environmental and ethical issues.
3) The university’s guidelines for ethical investment are updated and adhered to.
4) The university’s investment portfolio is made accessible to all by being posted online.
5) The university invests a minimum of 15% in renewable technologies as ‘a university led by discovery and innovation’.

Why is this important?

We wish to see accountability from our higher education institution.
We are not asking for the university to take radical action; only that it abides by its own policies. The university is explicitly breaking its own ethical investment policy regarding tobacco investments and environmental damage and is in an extremely grey area regarding its investment into arms policy.

Sign this petition and have a say in where YOUR tuition fees are being invested.

Leicester, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Support the cause


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